Supporting others to feel healthier, lighter, and brighter has been an invisible thread in my life.  

I grew up near Antwerp in Belgium, but moved from Belgium 15 years ago for my husband’s work. We have been living in Switzerland for 5 years, in Sweden for 7 years and now since 2018 we are back in Switzerland, living near Lausanne. We love this beautiful country and if it’s meant to be, we hope to stay. 

With my loving husband, Nicolas, we are often out in nature, or playing with our children and in between we are always appreciating healthy good food.

As much as we love silence, we love filling our home with good vibes of children, friends, and family: sharing good food, enjoying music, dancing.

I am passionate about yoga and have been devoted to meditation for many years.

I love working with children, they are the future!


As a young physiotherapist I have worked many years as a Fitness Personal Trainer. I felt passionate about the benefits of sports and nutrition and enjoyed inspiring clients to look better after themselves.

It was the suffering from serious chronic pain conditions that obliged me to search for a more holistic approach to my own healing: I experienced first hand the benefits of phytotherapy, homeopathy, osteopathy, kinesiology and acupuncture.

Over some years these holistic doctors and therapists guided me to listen to my body’s signals and trust my intuition again. I understood that all treatments should emphasise preventive medicine and that I should trust the self-healing powers of my miraculous body. I realised I am not separate from nature: I am part of nature.

I felt inspired to support others with their healing and took up the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine(acupuncture) and applied kinesiology. Working as an acupuncturist, I got for the first time really excited about the work I was doing and about all the learning and growing opportunities I had. Those years brought me to the deep understanding of the inseparable connection between our physical, energetical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. I learned that doing sports and eating healthy are indeed essential, but there is so much more to health than that.


When my husband got offered a job in Switzerland, in 2006, we decided to take this opportunity for a completely new adventure. We suddenly had few friends nearby, but more time for each other. For me personally, leaving behind a life of doing a lot for others ( work, family and a busy social life), suddenly there was time to really look after my husband and myself.

I studied French, took time to read all the books I never found time for, and I worked on a long needed upgrade of my cooking skills. I learned to slow down, and as a reward my body finally aligned to our dream to create a family. Julien, born in 2008 and Olivia, born in 2009 are without doubt the best HEART POWER teachers in our life. 


5 years in Lausanne passed and we jumped to a new adventure, moving to beautiful Stockholm. Realising that getting back to work as an acupuncturist was probably not for right now, my heart and focus were on enjoying the time with my children, supporting the school as a volunteer and exploring new passions: walking in nature ,ice skating, netball, yoga and meditation.


My meditation practise made me become aware of how much energy I wasted with non-stop thinking. Between regrets from the past, worries about the future, judgments and labelings, how much of my day was I fully present, living this moment?

I began to read and try out different methods of meditation and mindfulness. I became aware of the power of our thoughts and the power of gratitude. Gradually I started to feel so much more in charge of my own life! Living. Each day. My heart leading my life.

Meditation and mindfulness have changed my life profoundly on many different levels: more joy, more energy, more patience, better sleep, more compassion both for myself and for others, more trust, more serenity. Does this mean I am always happy and I never curse? Of course not. But I am self aware of my emotions and know how to process them and I allow myself to be honest. We shouldn’t see meditation as some state to achieve, something to do, something to be good at; but rather sensing it as a coming home to our true self, to our true state of being, beyond thinking and doing. This way meditation can soak into our life and we can become aware of the bigger picture.


Experiencing the profound benefits of meditation I wondered: Can children meditate? What does meditation for children look like? What would change if my children could learn meditation at an early age? Could they stay connected to their true self and grow up being confident, authentic, joyful and loving ?  

I began researching and exploring meditation for children, trying out different programs with my own young children, who loved it! I soon realised that all children should meditate and that this was what I wanted to teach.

In 2016 I signed up for my first children’s Meditation Teacher Training with Rosalinda Weel from Droomstudio.

In between I followed a Mindfulness course with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, and also a Meditation Teacher Training with Sally Kempton(, whose powerful energy still guides me in every single meditation.

In 2019 I started my journey with Connected Kids. I am so very grateful for the guidance from Lorraine Murray, the founder of Connected Kids and writer of the books “Calm Kids” and “Connected Kids”. The essence of Connected Kids courses resonates with my path, my vision and my mission and I feel honoured to be part of the Connected Kids worldwide community.

I love teaching children meditation and find it an incredibly rewarding journey that gives me hope for the future. I have been teaching meditation to children of age 5 to 17 since 2016 and have never stopped learning. 

B.10 years old

Dear Lise, you’re awesome and an awesome meditation teacher! For me, you are the best meditation teacher in the whole universe! I promise I will keep meditating. Maybe when I am older I will be a meditation teacher too. Love.

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