Mindfulness is increasingly recognised as an essential part of education by generating:

  • Attention
  • Self-awareness
  • Bodily awareness
  • Self- regulation
  • Self- esteem
  • Concentration
  • (Self-)compassion

Mindfulness & meditation support the innate ability of the body to rest, restore and heal itself by releasing stress and managing thoughts and feelings. Unprocessed emotions & stresses often build up and reappear later as digestive problems, sleeping disorders, anger, and anxiety.

Mindfulness & meditation can be a powerful tool for children to be more present, focussed, and feel more peaceful within themselves and within the world around them.


Each person in a community affects the others, therefore if small groups of people practise mindfulness and/or meditation within a community, a peaceful energy will spread. Taking care of our own wellbeing is to take care of our common wellbeing.


When we offer meditation to children, it often comes in the form of “Guided Imagery”. With Guided Imagery we tap into the power of our child’s imagination, by creating a magical or wonderful place where they feel safe and peaceful. This special place gives them the opportunity to process thoughts and feelings, build up self-love, rest, and listen to their intuition. A place of stillness and peace and HEART POWER.

Whilst offering incredible wonderful support to children and teens, meditation does not replace professional medical advice/therapy.

I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me”
Albert Einstein

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