Inner Wisdom

Today’s society is increasingly demanding. Teenagers often report to feel worried, threatened, overwhelmed, stressed, rushed, anxious, frustrated, or just tired.

With a little MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION and some HEART POWER teens can feel again how amazing & perfectly imperfect they already are and how much power they already hold to be the change they want to make in this world!

While the body changes and the brain rewires, life can be tough as a teenager!


Martina13 years old

After each class I felt really tired, but relieved and very peaceful at the same time.

Nik13 years old

I always listen to Lise´s meditation recording before I go to sleep. I makes me feel very relaxed. I helps me a lot, I go to sleep faster.

So What Can Be Won?

  • Simple tools to become present, live this moment
  • Appreciating for this moment
  • Feeling what resonates as your own values
  • Letting go of the worries about the future and the regrets of the past
  • Compassion towards your own feelings, thoughts, and actions
  • Listening to the needs of your body, mind and heart
  • Problem solving: realising the strength and wisdom you seek is within
  • Resilience to rise above the stresses of daily life
  • Learning to relax deeply, and therefor sleep better
  • Giving yourself permission to take a moment for yourself: you deserve it!

To book a private sessions or a group classes: booking form, or email.

Maybe you want to get A COUPLE OF YOUR FRIENDS TOGETHER FOR A GROUP LESSON and learn together in class tailored to suit your needs?

“Dealing with stuff that sucks”Guidance to accept what is & commit to what matters
“Imagine!”The power of your imagination
“Re-learn to chill” classThe power of deep relaxation
“I am enough” classDiscover your self worth
“Who am I” classDiscover your own values, your truth
“Be you, be free” classFree yourselves from suppressed emotions
“Intuition” classDirect perception of truth, a quick insight
“Bravery & creativity” classDiscover letting go of control

Classes can be booked for 2-8 teenagers. Here for you!

“At the centre of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”
― Lao Tzu

Grateful mother

My young teenage daughter suffered from anxiety. She learned meditation with Lise, which she uses day after day, year after year to find her inner peace and manage her anxiety.


As explained by Karen Young, in her wonderful book “Hej Warrior”, anxiety can happen to anyone: rock stars, teachers, parents, gardeners, doctors, …

Anxiety happens because a part of your amazing brain, called Amygdala, thinks there is some danger it needs to protect you from. It is the Amygdala´s job to scan the environment looking for threats and activate the so-called “Fight or Flight response”. It powers up your body with oxygen, hormones and adrenaline, ready to fight or flight! Pretty amazing!

But when the Amygdala sense something that might be a threat– exams, separation, exclusion, humiliation,…- and the fully fuelled body does not have to run from a real tiger, the chemicals released in your body will cause the unpleasant symptoms of anxiety:

Faster breathing, dizziness, confusion, a racing heart, wobbly legs, sweaty,nausea,…


Besides exercising and practising gratitude, it has been proven that mindfulness and meditation decrease the overactivity of the Amygdala.


You can practise mindfulness while painting, writing, playing music, eating, walking,…

Meditation feels like coming home and building up your inner cheerleader so it will always be wiser and stronger than your inner critic.

What Parents Say


Lise is a skilled and sensitive teacher. She taught me and my daughter how to meditate, which has helped me balance my mind, my body, and my soul. I now meditate often, and even after years, I often think of Lise´s peaceful voice when I settle into my meditation which I call “me- time.


Both my girls (age 10 and age 13) benefited from the meditation classes with Lise, each one in their own way.

B.B.(dad of teen with Autism)

I want to thank you for being able to connect with her from a distance (zoom). You have made her understand things in a different way, and reassured her, and learned her techniques that truly helped her in stressful times like these. She told me she learned how she can help others and that this allows her to accept the situation. I could see on her face that this was really the case. I am so grateful for this. Thank you.

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